READING THE SIGNS: How to interpret what you see in tarot and oracle cards

READING THE SIGNS: How to interpret what you see in tarot and oracle cards


In READING THE SIGNS, you will learn to identify important symbols, colors, and visual patterns in tarot and oracle card readings. In doing so, you will reveal the underlying message. Whether you are a beginner or advanced reader, this course will improve your ability to see the cards with clarity. With honed eyes and awareness, you will form an accurate story and message based on what you see. 

This class is open to all levels of readers. Participants in this class can expect to both receive and give readings in this course. A free Oracle Card will also be given to each participant!

Class Details

- This class takes place on Thursday, May 24th from 7-9pm at Specter in Milwaukee, located at 713 South 5th St
- Bring: a Tarot Deck (we will also have a few extras on hand) and a notebook. Tarot Decks can also be purchased in person at Specter. 
- Don't have an Oracle Deck? Don't worry. I will be explaining how to use Oracle Decks and introducing them as a supplement to Tarot Cards.
- There will be light refreshments and snacks. 

About the Instructor
This class is taught by Rebecca of Laughing Eye Weeping Eye Tarot. Rebecca hails from Milwaukee, but currently lives in Chicago and works as a Tarot Professional. In addition to reading, Rebecca also publishes her own tarot decks and books, and is the creator of the popular, “Creatures of the Moon; A Storytelling Oracle,” released in 2017. Rebecca has a BFA and MFA in fine arts, as well as advanced Tarot training. She has taken master classes with Rachel Pollack, Mary Greer, and Benebell Wen. 
As an instructor, Rebecca strives to help others connect to their own intuitive voice and style. Read more about Rebecca here:

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