About Specter

I created Specter to make something tangible of the philosophies I carry with me: think, do, help, travel, eat, experience, be honest, try a new thing; and bring a piece of everything home with you - however abstract. These are challenging tasks. They can be scary for a lot of people but I want to draw attention to the transcendence that comes with personal confrontation. Many artists and makers showcase that beauty and honesty in their handmade pieces, and it is from those craftsmen and women that I began to collect the items you’ll find in this shop.

I believe we should surround ourselves with the things that make us feel our best and connect us with the world and the people around us; objects which encourage a sense of wonder and appreciation. Enjoying good things with good people illuminates your soul. I want to provide the artifacts that illustrate the process of life and ignite visceral feelings of nostalgia and growth. Let’s eat soup together from hand thrown ceramic bowls, and wrap ourselves in handwoven blankets, and feel the unique warmth from the makers’ hands in our own. Specter brings you all of the ingredients for warmth and light: the blanket, the rug, the aroma, the book, and the vessel that holds your toddies.